South Africa flights and travel guide

The country that is known for its diversity, its exquisite culture, its friendly people and its beautiful landscapes is the one and only South Africa. Whether it is mountains, grasslands, forests, deserts, lakes, rivers, South Africa has it all. With eleven national languages, South Africa is truly a diverse and a multi ethnic country that celebrates its multiculturalism in its constitution making it one of the most diverse countries in the world. South Africa is a country of both the colored and the white people and though the history of these two communities is marred with bloodshed and struggle, now however both the people live peacefully together, interact with each other, work with each other and live peacefully under the establishment of South Africa. What makes South Africa even more diverse is the fact that the country also houses large number of Asian and European communities which shows how the country is a very livable place and has a tolerance for all kinds of people.


South Africa is divided into nine provinces. There are Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, Limpopo, North West, Northern Cape, Western Cape, and Mpumalanga. The provinces have produced some of the liveliest and largest cities. Each province has its own special city which is also the main urban center in that province. Some of the prominent cities in South Africa include Bhisho, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Durban, Polokwane, Bloemfontein, Nelspruit, Kimberley, Cape Town, Rustenburg and Mafikeng. These cities have their own special attractions and are all worth visiting.


As South Africa makes the Southern tip of the African continent it is has the ocean as its main neighbor. However other countries that surround South Africa are the Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe to the north. The countries on the east include Mozambique and Swaziland. Lesotho on the other hand is surrounded by South African territory making it a commune.


With a 2500 kilometer long shoreline South Africa stretches through two oceans the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Ranked as the twenty fifth largest country in the world South Africa is also the home to many high peaks. The highest peak in South Africa is the beautiful and stunning Thabana Ntlenyana which is almost 3500 meter high and is situated in the city of Drakensberg.


As far as the climate is concerned South Africa has a moderate climate as it lies in between the Polar Regions and the tropics making the climate neither extremely cold nor extremely hot. Also the shoreline generally has a moderate temperature and climate as most coastal areas do. Of course the climate does vary from region to region, but overall the climate is tolerable in South Africa and will not be of discomfort to the visitors.

Capital and prominent cities

South Africa is not like your conventional countries. Unlike most countries South Africa has three capitals rather than just one. The legislative capital of South Africa is the city of Cape Town. Cape Town is situated on the shores of the Table Bay where the famous table mountain also lies. Cape Town is also known for its Cape point and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in South Africa.

The judicial capital of South Africa is the city of Bloemfontein which means fountains of flowers in Dutch. This city is known for its beautiful and exquisite roses which are abundant in this city and the reason why the city is even called the city of roses. Bloemfontein also holds a rose festival annually to celebrate these beautiful plants.

The executive capital of South Africa is the beautiful city of Pretoria. The city has a disputable name and changing the name of the city is still under debate. The city is known for its Jacaranda trees which are planted throughout the city adding to the greenery and beauty of the city.

Getting in and around

There are various ways of getting into South Africa. For starters you can take flights to South Africa as it has three international airports and other principal airports throughout the country that will connect you to the international airports as well. Overall there are almost 30 airports within South Africa making it convenient and easy to commute.

The Or Tambo international airport is located near Johannesburg which is the business capital of the country. The airport will connect to other principal airports in the country through connecting flights depending on where your next stop is.

Cape Town international airport is another one of the large airports through which you can commute to and within South Africa. The airport is the second largest in the country and is situated in Cape Town the tourist hotspot.

Another prominent international airport is the King Shaka international airport. The airport is situated near Durban and is a fairly new airport established in 2010. The airport caters to the tourists that take flights to Durban for the exotic beaches and surfing experiences.

Another way to get into South Africa is of course through the Ocean. If you are the adventurous sort and want to try something new, then you have the chance to experience a cruise to South Africa which usually docks on Cape Town and sometimes in Durban.

Places to visit in South Africa

Once you are inside South Africa there are many places to see and visit. But some places that are a must visit are the cities of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Al these cities are internationally known and are famous amongst the tourists.

Cape Town being a tourist favorite is one of the most visited cities in South Africa and is also one of the most beautiful ones. The city has hosted many cricket matches and hence is known to all the cricket fans in the world. Cape Town is one of the few cities where the beach and the hilly areas present a stunning contrast as the green hills are soothing the sand glistens under the sun. Cape Town has many sites and landscapes to offer. The table mountain is one of the most visited places in Cape Town. The reason why it is called Table Mountain is because it is completely flat from the top and can be seen from the beach. The sight of the mountain from the beach is truly stunning however the views of the city from atop the mountain are even more beautiful and a must see. Cape point is another beautiful site to visit. It is a piece of land known as promontory (prominent land area looking over a water body) in geographic terms. The Cape point offers exquisite views of the ocean and the city. It also has a lighthouse which you should definitely visit when at Cape point.

Another city that is worth visiting is the beautiful Durban and its exquisite beaches and shoreline. The city is perfect for youngsters and the newlyweds to indulge in adventure, the beauty of the beaches, numerous resorts and much more. You can do many fun things in Durban such as whale watching, fishing, surfing, boating and cruising, kite surfing, kite flying and much more. The city is also lined with many bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums, malls, markets and many other activities and places to make your stay as enjoyable as it can get.

Johannesburg is known as the beating heart of South Africa. The reason is because the city has been developing rapidly for the past few years due to all the new investments and business ventures that it has attracted from the international market as well as locally. Because the city is so popular amongst the business community the city has numerous hotels, casinos and bars to cater to the needs of the business class. Apart from that the city also has a theme park and has many shopping malls and markets selling African artifacts and goods.

Why South Africa?

There are many reasons why you should visit South Africa. The country is affordable and will not empty your pockets with a fun holiday. There are many landscapes and beautiful natural sites to experience in South Africa from beaches to mountains and the game reserves. The country also gives you an opportunity for adventure from trekking to surfing to paragliding and much more. The country has very favorable weather throughout the year and is multicultural making it appealing to all. It is also the country with an extensive wildlife and many natural sanctuaries, safari parks, reserves and much more. Most importantly the country offers safe tourism with a stable government and protected green areas and environment friendly legislations making your stay refreshing and soothing.

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